A short trip to the snow

Winter this year has been pretty disappointing in terms of the weather. Normally we'd have a fair amount of snow and temperatures down to -15c or even -20c. That hasn't been the case this year, and the lowest I've seen has been -7c. Now it might sound a bit weird to complain about it not... Continue Reading →

Climbing a Polish mountain!

On one of the last summer weekends in the middle of September, my wife & I decided to try hiking up a mountain.  We've both been working out regularly for the past year with AllforBody personal trainers and figured we were pretty fit. Our first attempt at hiking up a mountain was almost 6 years... Continue Reading →

A new start! (hopefully)

So, I think I've finally got a point where my new site is ready to go.  Hopefully I've changed all the settings correctly and you can actually see this post.  Otherwise, I'm just talking to myself, as usual. My old site had become increasingly slow to load, wasn't very responsive and just didn't really work... Continue Reading →

It’s been a while…

I haven't posted since June apparently.  I'd say this was because I was off enjoying the Polish summer, or travelling somewhere exotic.  However, the summer was actually pretty poor this year, and at least feels like it was shorter than normal.  I also didn't go anywhere exotic, just back to the U.K. for a week... Continue Reading →

Beer & Kielbasa in Szczyrzyc

One of the hardest to pronounce places that I've been to is Szczyrzyc.  It's a small village in Lesser Poland and home to a 13th century Cistercian Abbey. There isn't too much here, but you can visit the abbey and, the main reason I visit, buy some beer from the brewery!   They also have... Continue Reading →

Lesser Poland’s Painted Village

Zalipie, Poland I had a long weekend thanks to the Corpus Christi holiday on Thursday 15th June, and apart from the usual housework and renovating an old closet, we decided to drive an hour away and visit the small village of Zalipie.  They have a local custom of decorating their houses, which we wanted to... Continue Reading →

Mass in the mountains

Snieznica, Kasina Wielka, Poland This past weekend we visited a church on top of a mountain, where they were having a mass in remembrance of my wife's grandfather who sadly passed away last year.  It was a really nice service and good to bring back some memories.  But the journey to get there was really... Continue Reading →

10 alternative day trips from Kraków

1: Błędów DesertDid you know that there is a desert in Poland? I didn’t either until I moved here.  It’s actually Central Europe’s largest accumulation of sand, apart from beaches.  It’s about an hour from Kraków by car The desert was actually created by human activity which lowered the water level so much that plant... Continue Reading →

Visiting Poland’s border with Slovakia

A couple of hours drive from Krakow is the border with Slovakia. You can cross deep in the Tatra mountains, or Pieninski National Park. It's a beautiful area, no matter which way you go. You can also go on a traditional raft along the Dunajec river. This runs along the border and finishes in Szczawnica.... Continue Reading →

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