The first few weeks

Having survived the freezing Polish winter, I was starting to enjoy living here.  It helped that I was put up in a decent company apartment, with gym, sauna and steam room, right next to Wawel Castle & the Wisla river.  You can find a similar apartment in the same location here

The gym at the Angel Plaza apartments in Krakow
The gym at the Angel Plaza apartments in Krakow

I was located within a 10 minute walk of the city centre and the main square, which isn’t too bad even in the middle of winter! 

Sukiennice and Main Market Square Krakow Poland

I was also being paid a UK salary, plus a generous daily allowance so for once, I had money to spend! And I made sure that I enjoyed myself as much as possible during that time.  Looking back now, I think about how much money I could have saved, but I wouldn’t change anything as it was an amazing experience and I made some true friends along the way.

So, how did I spend all this extra money? Erm…mostly vodka & beer to be honest and quite a few meals out.  The little kitchen in my apartment didn’t see much action, unless it was burning a pizza at 4am.

The nightlife in Krakow is absolutely amazing, with a huge selection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs to choose from. 

There is also a plethora of bars and nightclubs, many are hidden down alleyways or in old cellars so be sure you keep your eyes open!  I can recommend the raspberry vodka shots at Baroque, on Jana street, they are like an alcoholic slushy and you really do not taste the vodka! Be careful! 

In Krakow, you can eat almost anything, from traditional Polish cuisine to sushi or even Ostrich.  There is a huge food culture in Krakow which is ever-changing.  When I first arrived in January 2011, the trend seemed to be steak restaurants, but now in 2016 it seems to be moving towards food trucks and burger joints.  The quality of most of the restaurants in Krakow is also brilliant, check out the top rated restaurants in Krakow here

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