20 Facts about Poland

As it’s the weekend and I have quite a lot of chores to get done, I’m going for a quick, but hopefully interesting post.  Normal service will be resumed next week!

      1.  Nearly 35% of Poles live abroad (I’m sure they must miss their amazing country!)

      2.  Poland has been invaded or fought for freedom 43 times since 1600AD 

      3.  The Polish constitution was the first in Europe 

      4.  303 “Polish Fighter” squadron was the highest scoring Royal Air Force squadron of the Battle of Britain

      5.  Poland is the world’s biggest amber exporter 

      6.  The Polish alphabet consists of 32 letters

         7.  Poland shares it borders with 7 countries – Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic & Germany 

         8.  It’s not actually Eastern Europe, it’s geographically right in the centre of Europe!  


         9.  One third of Poland is covered with forest.  The country contains 9,300 lakes, 23 national parks & 1 desert. 

         10.  Saint John Paul II was born in Wadowice, Poland 

Ioannes Paulus II in Germany (1980)

         11.  Poland joined the European Union in 2004

Flag of Europe

      12.  Poles have won a total of 17 Nobel prizes, including 4 Peace Prizes and 5 in Literature

      13.  Poles are well educated with around 90% completing secondary education & around 50% have an academic degree

     14.  The oldest restaurant in Europe is located in Wroclaw – Piwnica Swidnicka

     15.  All Saints’ Day on 1st November is an important religious holiday where Poles visit cemeteries to honour their loved ones who have passed away.  It’s a very moving experience, with hundreds of candles and flowers all over.


        16.  There are at least 14 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Poland (This number keeps growing because it’s such a beautiful country!)

        17.  The world’s largest castle by surface area is in Malbork, Poland and was built by the Teutonic Knights.

Panorama of Malbork Castle, part 4

      18.  Poland still has wild populations of wolves, bears, lynx, bison & beaver

      19.  The Thursday before Ash Wednesday is dedicated to eating donuts!

Paczki - stos

     20.  Nicolaus Copernicus & Marie Curie were both Polish

     21.  Some facts may not be 100% accurate, this is the internet after all!  Have a good weekend! 

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