Buying a house in Poland….part 2

In the previous post I was explaining that we had possibly found a house that met most of our requirements.  My wife contacted the owners and arranged to go view the house and when we arrived, it was a complete house with windows, doors and even a roof! The garden was mature and nicely maintained, the house was bit old fashioned but nothing we couldn’t fix up.  The price was also excellent, around the same price as a 50m2 apartment in Krakow, this was a 100m2 house with basement and an attic we can convert.  It also came with 76 acres of land, with around 7 acres being the actual fenced plot, so I wouldn’t need to buy a herd of cows to keep the grass short! 

After a couple of viewings, we agreed to buy the house directly from the owners, drew up a basic contract and paid a deposit. Next up was the fun of finding a mortgage, sorting out the land registry (we had to split the land, due to constraints at the time on the amount of land that foreigners could buy) and finding a sworn translator. We got a mortgage through an advisor who is a friend of my father in law and ended up with a pretty good deal. Most banks were quoting for 30 years, but we ended up with Bank Pocztowy and a 25 year deal. The best thing was the payments with Bank Pocztowy were the same as the other banks which wanted us to pay for an additional 5 years! So the post office bank was the one for us!

Bank Pocztowy (logo)

Once all the paperwork was done with the bank, we then had to meet the current owners and the notary and the translator to do the legal part and get everything sorted in the land registry. I didn’t have much to do with this and just signed where I was told to and then waited for the documents to come through the post.

But we now own a lovely house in Bochnia, with a fairly large amount of land and we have now begun the slow process of fixing the house up. The garden is slightly less well maintained now, as we have full time jobs and other commitments but it’s kept mostly tidy. The parcel of land outside the fence is managed by a herd of deer and some squirrels.

The garden is also fairly steep, but it helps to keep me fit!

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