An early morning in Puszcza

I’m currently on annual leave for a couple of weeks and for some reason one of my neighbours has decided this is the perfect time to start using heavy machinery at 5am every morning. So rather than beating him with a pointy stick, I decided to go and see what it’s like to cycle through Puszcza Niepolomice early in the morning.

Some people were up and about before me, enjoying the early morning mists. This is the Raba river and I have to cross the bridge to reach the forest. It’s a pedestrian suspension bridge and has a pretty good swing to it!

The track heading back up from the sandbank at the side of the Raba river. On any sunny day, there will be numerous people on this bank catching some rays. It’s kind of like going to the beach, but without the 9 hour drive.

This was my final destination, Czarny Staw w Puszczy Niepołomickiej, or Black Pond in Niepolomice Forest. The water is really black and offers really cool reflections of the surroundings. I also just caught the very last of the mist clearing from the surface.

Map from Endomondo, just over 18km in total Map from Endomondo, just over 18km in total

This area of Puszcza is quite sandy and predominantly pine forest, but areas closer to Targowisko are more marshy and open. It’s a really diverse place to spend a couple of hours.

Just to prove that I did actually cycle there, my custom On-One Scandal which I built up when I first came to Poland and now barely ride.

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