Do widzenia Poland, Ciao Sicily!

So I haven’t updated the blog for a few weeks now, this was due to my vacation and not having the greatest internet connection.  I spent a week at home doing some renovations and getting a new internet service installed, and then went to Sicily for a week.

Staying in a town called Giardini Naxos, it was only a 2 hour flight but when you add on the travel time to the airport, standing in queues etc it was more like 12 hours.  But on that first morning when we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, it was all worth it.  (I actually woke up at 4am thinking that Mount Etna was erupting, but it turned out it was just the train going through the rear garden of the hotel)

Anyway, here’s a few pics of Sicily and I’ll be adding some more detailed posts later this week.

This is the view from Taormina, which is a larger town on top of a hill. The land in the distance is the Italian mainland.

Taormina has it’s own, ancient Greek ampitheatre, which was built in the 3rd Century BC! We visited just after a huge storm and were both still drying off!

Looking down from Taormina to Giardini Naxos. It seemed to be a popular stop off for the cruise ships.

Looking down at Isola Bella (Beautiful Island) on our way back from Taormina. I’d love to have one of those houses!

We decided to walk back from Taormina to Giardini Naxos, as Google maps said it was only 2 km. Turns out it was actually more like 18km, due to all the winding mountain roads! Had to spend the next day on the beach resting my feet.

This is Savoca, a town of only 150 people, and where they filmed some of the Godfather movies, it also has real mummies in a crypt under one of the churches which you can go and see. It was pretty morbid as the bodies are not wrapped in bandages like you might expect. No photos were allowed, and I’m not sure I would have taken any if they had been allowed.


Unfortunately, Bar Vitelli was undergoing some renovation so has plastic over the windows, but the interior was in good condition and full of memorabilia from the films.

I have to be honest and say that I’ve never watched the Godfather films, but I do plan to now. Luckily, although the tour we went on did include spoilers for the films, it was all in Polish so I didn’t have a clue what they were saying, and my wife didn’t translate the spoilers.

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