Winter has arrived in Krakow

Well, it’s snowing for the first time this year anyway and the temperatures are down to low single digits throughout the day.  It’s surprising how short Autumn seems to be here, but that’s probably because we had a really warm September and even a few days in October were over 20C.

Autumn is a pretty time of year in Poland, as there are lots of trees around to create that typical kaleidoscope of colours. You don’t even need to leave the cities as the parks and planty’s will normally give you a pretty good show.

Jesień na Plantach5

This is the planty in Krakow which runs around the city centre. It really looked pretty good this year, with a definite yellow theme to it when I visited.It’s also a great time to visit some of the more mountainous areas around and see the beautiful sunsets, and low fog. I really enjoy the almost surreal feeling of being, on foot, above the cluods.

Sure, it’s cold and maybe it’s been raining a lot but it’s still worth getting out there and exploring occasionally because you never know what may happen when you reach the top of that mountain, or walk into that small forest.

Pretty soon, we will be embraced in winter’s icy grasp for the next 5-6 months, with darkness arriving around 3pm and holding on until 8am. It’s a depressing time if you let it be, so it’s important to get out and enjoy the positive things that this time of year provides.

It was All Saints Day on 1st November and in Poland this is a pretty big celebration, involving visting cemeteries to pay your respects to loved ones. We are planning to visit this weekend, so I’ll update more about that next week.

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