Merry Christmas!!! Wesołych Świąt!!!

It’s that wonderful time of year again! It’s freezing cold, everything is white and frosty, every single person in Krakow is evacuating on the same damn train that I’m using to get home from work.  And they are bringing all their worldly belongings and their dog.

We celebrate Christmas on 24th December in Poland, by starving all day and then eating fish in the evening, and it’s not even decent fish, it’s carp.  Carp tastes like dirt and is a remnant of communism.  That being said, the carp is optional and it’s pretty common nowadays to have salmon or trout instead.  The rest of the 12 courses are pretty good though, with pierogi, dumplings, multiple soups and desserts.  After dinner, it’s time for the presents, and these are the second presents as we also have them on 6th December.

There are a lot of traditions around this time in Poland.  After the huge meal and presents, it’s time for Pasterka (taken from pasterz, which is Polish for Shepard).  This is the midnight mass or Shepard’s Mass, and you can read more about it here.  In my town, you can join the mass which is held in the Salt Mine.

I’m going to finish off here, and thank you for reading my blog over the past few months since I started.  For 2017 it’s going to be an interesting year, in January I’ll be applying for my Permanent Residency in Poland which I’m sure will be an experience.  We will also be renovating our house at last, after 2 years of living with the previous owner’s furniture and decoration.  I’m also hoping to go on a few trips around Poland, as we haven’t really done much this year.  I’ve also started a proper shop on Zazzle so you can buy our artwork on a range of products, and if you happen to use an e-cigarette, you can buy juice made from my recipes here.  Thanks for all of your support!

Thanks again, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Wesołych Świąt and Happy New Year!

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