Christmas Spirit in Poland

Christmas has come and gone already and it involved a ton of food, quite a bit of drink and plenty of time with the family.

Christmas is a time for family in Poland and over the 3 day weekend, we were visiting a member of family each day.  Of course, each visit means eating a huge meal and drinking some alcohol (although I was driving, so abstained)

Poland has one of the lowest blood alcohol limits in Europe, don't risk it!  Poland has one of the lowest blood alcohol limits in Europe, don’t risk it!

The food on Wigilia (Christmas Eve) involves 12 dishes.  This is the symbol of richness, represents the 12 Apostles and the 12 months of the year.  Some of the dishes you will find include Christmas Wafer, Red Borscht with uszka (dumplings), Mushroom soup, Carp or other fish, Rollmops, Poppy Seed cakes, Dried fruit compote, Pierogi with cabbage & mushroom.

The Christmas Wafer is flour and water mixed and hardened and normally has a religious picture stamped into it.  It is broken off in small pieces and shared with other members of the family whilst exchanging wishes for the coming year.

Carp seems to be a popular dish, and whilst carp farming has been around in Poland for the past 700 years, it only really became a popular Christmas Eve dish after 1940.  It’s a remnant of communism and when times were harder and food was less available, and unfortunately the older generation seem to want to hang onto it.  I’ve tried it, it tastes like mud.  Even when you cover it in horseradish sauce, it still tastes like mud.  I normally have zander or salmon instead.

There's a reason why I know carp tastes exactly like mud, I've eaten mud!  There’s a reason why I know carp tastes exactly like mud, I’ve eaten mud!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a white Christmas this year.  It was cold, wet and windy instead, but we are due some snow this week.  Fingers crossed!

This was the view from our garden in 2015 after a decent snowfall. I love the snow and don’t mind the work it creates in shovelling the drive and paths. When it first settles, it’s truly beautiful.

Hopefully it will look like that again soon! Thank you for your support this year, and I hope you will all continue to follow us through 2017.  We have some exciting trips planned this year around Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and may also end up back in Italy.  I might even take a trip back to the UK to visit my family.  You can help by checking out our shop of randomness here and if you use e-cigarettes buy your liquid based on my recipes here.  Thanks again for your support and I wish you and your family happiness and success in 2017!

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