Mass in the mountains

Snieznica, Kasina Wielka, Poland

This past weekend we visited a church on top of a mountain, where they were having a mass in remembrance of my wife’s grandfather who sadly passed away last year.  It was a really nice service and good to bring back some memories.  But the journey to get there was really nice too.

It’s about an hour from Bochnia, maybe a little more from Krakow in a place called Kasina Wielka.  It’s a popular ski resort in the winter months and I also saw plenty of mountain bike trails during this visit, so that seems popular in the summer.  They have just had a new chair lift installed, and are still in the process of finishing off the main buildings.  This will include a coffee shop at the very top, with some amazing views towards Krakow.

You can still see the layer of smog above the city!  This was at the top of the chair lift, and it does get a little higher.   From here there are multiple trails through the forest, and we followed the one marked with a church symbol.

After about 30 minutes of walking through the forest, we came to the mountain refuge, which is also home to the church.

It’s a really nice little church with a lot of wood carving inside.  It’s on the “Papal Trail” as Pope John Paul II visited whilst he was Archbishop of Krakow.  Apparently, he liked to spend a lot of time in this area.

We were on Snieznica mountain, in the Beskid range and in the photo above, you can see the higher, Tatra mountain range.  There were not too many viewpoints due to all the trees, but it was extremely clear and you can still make out some snow on the upper slopes in the distance.

After a short hike through the forest, we made it back to the chair lift and went back down the mountain.  As we descended we could see an old steam train at the bottom, so we went to investigate.  A lot of movies have been filmed here due to the old station still retaining it’s original architecture.

It was a really nice day out and the sun was out for all of it.  It seems summer has finally arrived in Poland and it’s proving to be hot and stormy as always!

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