Lesser Poland’s Painted Village

Zalipie, Poland

I had a long weekend thanks to the Corpus Christi holiday on Thursday 15th June, and apart from the usual housework and renovating an old closet, we decided to drive an hour away and visit the small village of Zalipie.  They have a local custom of decorating their houses, which we wanted to check out.

It’s about 68km (42 miles) from Krakow, and is actually quite a nice drive through the countryside. We parked outside the church and went on foot around the village, but there are plenty of places to park if you prefer to drive.  It’s about 6km to walk around the village, and is a large circular route.  If you park at the church (which Google Maps will take you to if you just enter Zalipie as a destination), and then follow signs to Dom Malarek, and then onto the Museum, and finally follow signs back towards the church, it’s a large circular route which will take you past most of the houses.

This is just opposite the church and fire station.  I’m not sure if anyone actually lives in this one, but it was the first example we came across.

From here we walked further into the village, following the signs for “Dom Malarek” or the Painter’s house. Many of the buildings are decorated in a similar style, but by different people from around the local area.

As we were walking along the road, it was sunny and there was a really nice breeze and we heard a voice calling us over, with a friendly “Dzien Dobry” (Good day).  We were invited in to see the outbuildings by Mrs. Danusia, a local resident and apparently the local souvenir shop!

She then invited us into her house, and this was even more intricately decorated! Of course, we bought a small decorative chopping board for 20zl.

It was a real surprise to be randomly invited into someone’s house and see how beautifully it was decorated.  Mrs. Danusia was extremely friendly and welcoming.  She also seemed to have a permanent smile! If you happen to visit Zalipie, you’ll notice her from the distinctive hat.  Go and say “Dzien Dobry” and you might get invited in too!

We then headed further up the road towards Dom Malarek passing a couple more decorated buildings.

After a short while we arrived at Dom Malarek, which also has a small visitor’s centre and a children’s play area.

After having a look around and posing in front of the painter’s house, we headed towards the Museum which was further along the road.  The museum costs 6zl per person to enter, and is basically two old wooden houses which you can go and explore.

There was nothing cooking unfortunately! If you decide to head to Zalipie, I’d advise taking some water and maybe a picnic, as we didn’t see anywhere locally to get anything.  Although there were fields full of strawberries all around!

I’ll be adding a gallery of more pictures from Zalipie in the top menu (here) if you want to check some more out.  I’d recommend escaping the city on a summer’s day and walking round the countryside village.

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