Beer & Kielbasa in Szczyrzyc

One of the hardest to pronounce places that I’ve been to is Szczyrzyc.  It’s a small village in Lesser Poland and home to a 13th century Cistercian Abbey.

There isn’t too much here, but you can visit the abbey and, the main reason I visit, buy some beer from the brewery!   They also have some Polish Red cows which are apparently pretty rare.  We happened to visit when they were having a show and had a field full of prize winning cows, sheep and a tent full of rabbits.  It was like a village fête, but with added cows! Of course, they also had BBQs full of kielbasa and tents selling local produce.

It’s a pretty little village to walk around and have some food at Restauracja Marysia, which sells the local beers, and has it’s own micro-brewery.  The price of the beer ranges from 4-7zl per bottle, so it’s fairly cheap.  This is the only Polish beer that I’ve had which doesn’t give me a headache, because Polish beer tends to be a fair bit stronger than UK beer.

I bought a couple of different beers this time to try them out, a couple from the restaurant’s micro-brewery and a couple which had been made by the monks.

Quick Beer Reviews

Klasztorny Pils

This is a light, hoppy and slightly fruity beer.  It’s nice and refreshing on a hot summer’s day.  It’s not a heavy beer and has a slight honey aftertaste.  Much better than the normal lager that you’d buy in a normal shop.


You will find a lot of mineral water in Poland which has this “anka” at the end, so I assume this is a reference to this.  This is has a stronger hop/yeast smell than the Pils, but it’s not overpowering.  It has a light taste compared to the smell, definitely more of a craft taste to it.


This is the classic and the beer that I’ve been buying here for the longest.  They have 3 different types, a normal lager, honey lager & wheat beer.  All 3 are really good and have their own distinct flavours, but they are extremely easy to drink.

So if you are a fan of good quality beers, or red cows then I highly recommend a trip to Szczyrzyc.  You could also stop by here on the way back from Kasina Wielka, which I wrote a post about here.

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