Taormina, Sicily

Walking up to Taormina from the bus stop, you are met with some breathtaking views out to the Italian mainland

It’s an ancient town with many narrow winding streets and well worth taking some time to explore

The bus up from Giardini Naxos where we stayed was around 3 Euros each, and winds it way up multiple hairpins to reach the entrance of Taormina and you are dropped off just outside the main town entrance

Situated within the town is an ancient theatre which was built in the 3rd century BC

It’s in remarkable condition, considering it’s over 2000 years old! It’s fairly cheap to get in, around 10 Euros and you can get a great feel for the atmosphere. There are also some amazing views over to Etna on a clear day (We didn’t have a clear day, we had huge thunderstorms!)

Whilst exploring we found some public gardens, which were much more spectacular than we were expecting! But kind of run down in places, but that is pretty typical in Sicily from what we saw

But it’s a nice walk and really wasn’t expected

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